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Bulk Boot Camp Dog Tags

Fast delivery, high quality, and 2 piece custom bulk dog tags as low as


Every boot camp dog tag can have all the SAME text or every dog tag can have DIFFERENT text.

Over 1,000,000 dog tags sold in our years on the Internet!

Dog Tags for Sales and Fitness Boot Camps, a Birthday Party, and Church Retreats

NO WAITING FOR YOUR ORDER! Use our new 'Fast Quote' order system to get an instant price quote, enter your custom boot camp dog tag text, make payment, and have your bootcamp dogtag order on it's way. All orders are shipped USPS Priority Mail which means our 'Fast Quote' system will generally have your wholesale dog tag order in your hands in about 5 days in the USA. Foreign orders will generally take longer.

  • $10 maximum Flat Rate USPS Priority shipping in the USA, regardless of weight.
  • FREE sequential numbering for serial numbers, contests, ID tags, and inventory tags.
  • On the DIFFERENT text dog tags the price is determined by the number of lines(1-5) used.
  • Hardware available: dog tag necklace chains, short chains, key clips, key chains, 'S'-hooks, and split rings.
  • Dog tag silencers are installed and are available in various colors and patterns.
  • Dog tags and dog tag chains are made of high quality T304 stainless steel.
  • Bulk blank military dog tags are available here- 'blank dog tags'
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back!!!
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Just a few of the many ways you can use bulk quantity boot camp dog tags:

Fitness Training Boot Camp Dog Tags

Fitness boot camp trainers can motivate and reward their workout campers.

  • dog tags can be given to reward physical exercise and workout achievements
  • use dog tags to reward weight loss milestones and achievements
  • dog tags can help motivate your classes and create a sense of unity and belonging
  • participants can collect multiple dog tags to show participation in various fitness boot camps
  • dog tags could be the ultimate fitness boot camp keepsake that keeps them coming back for more

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Minimum 10 dog tags Please

Company Sales Boot Camp Dog Tags

Is your company hosting a sales boot camp to motivate your sales force?

  • sales boot camp dog tags are something different to commemorate your sales boot camp and unify your sales force
  • use dog tags to reinforce motivational themes and strategies to boost your sales
  • dog tags can be a token reminder of surviving the difficult boot camp sales course

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Minimum 10 dog tags Please

Military Theme Birthday Party Dog Tags

Create your own little Army boot camp birthday party in your back yard.

  • include a dog tag in your birthday invitation to create interest in your military boot camp party
  • genuine army dog tags will generate excitement about your birthday boot camp for kids
  • your boot camp adventure can include an obstacle course, fitness station, camouflage face painting, grenade water balloons, dollar store squirt guns and a mess hall
  • dog tags for a laser tag, paintball, or airsoft theme bithday party
  • send them home tired, dirty, and with a great dog tag birthday favor to remember the day.

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Minimum 10 dog tags Please

Church Retreat and Faith Based Fellowship Dog Tags

Use custom bulk dog tags at your church for identification, motivation, and inspiration.

  • for men's and women's retreats
  • for high school and middle school retreats and student activities
  • as a tangable reminder of fun and fellowship
  • identification for mission trips, staff, and volunteers
  • identify church equipement and personal belongings
  • for summer day camps and vacation bible schools

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Minimum 10 dog tags Please

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