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You can come to this page to order:
  • extra dog tag long necklace chains to share your 2 dog tag set.
  • short dog tag chains to use as key chains or for luggage tags.
  • extra dog tag silencers, available in assorted colors and patterns, so you can change out the silencers on your dog tags.
  • a velvet gift bag to store and protect your dog tags, jewelry, and valuables, or to use as a gift bag.

These additional dog tag products may be included included with your dog tag order or shipped separately.

Spare Dog Tag Parts and Accessories

velvet gift bags

Velvet Gift Bag

3" W x 4" Long

Red, Black, or Blue


Velvet gift bags
Dog tag necklace chain

24" Long Dog Tag Necklace Chain

$1.00 each

Order dog tag chain
short dog tag chain

Short Stainless Steel Chain

4 1/2" Long

50¢ each

Order dog tag chain
medical dog tags

Silicone Rubber Dog Tag Silencers



Set of 2

rubber dog tag silencers

Galvanized 'S'-Hook

Use for dog tags or pet tags

Quantity discounts

25¢ each

Buy 's'-hooks
blank dog tags

Blank Stainless Steel Dog Tags

Discounts for larger quantities

50¢ each

Buy blank dog tags

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