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Navy Dog Tags and Navy Seal ID Tags

What Do Navy Seal Dog Tags Look Like? Look Here!

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The official US Navy Seal ID tag now uses the same M-1967 type military dog tag as the other branches of the US Military. The US Navy and the Seals use the same unique dogtags format for their ID tag sets and generally only have the ID tag information on every other line. The middle line has the US Social Security number immediately followed by ‘USN’ which is then followed by 1 space and an abbreviated blood type. As an example A POS is abbreviated to ‘AP’, O NEG is ‘ON’, and B would remain ‘B’. The last line contains the religious preference. The Navy dog tags format is identical to the Seal ID tag format.

The black dogtag silencer is standard on all military ID tags although sea blue dogtag silencers are always an option.

left justified   reset and clear

Silencer Color:

Line #1
Line #2
Line #3
Line #4
Line #5

NOTE: Military issue dogtags have BLACK dogtag silencers and the Text is LEFT justified

Number of These Navy DogTag Sets:


Each US military ID set consists of the following Mil-Spec components :

  • (2) stainless steel dogtags with FREE embossing (up to 5 lines of 15 characters)
  • (1) 24" stainless steel beaded necklace chain
  • (1) 4" stainless steel beaded ball chain(hangs from long necklace chain)
  • (2) silicone rubber silencers in your choice of colors(BLACK is standard military issue)

  • Your Choice of any 6 Piece Military ID Tag Set below for Only $6.99

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