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When dog tags were first introduced in 1906, military officials needed a way to help identify soldiers who had fallen in combat. As the 20th century saw its fair share of war and fighting, military dog tags became the standard. Today, ID dog tags continue to be part of a soldier’s uniform. We at Dog Tags Online can help you create authentic dog tags for a variety of purposes. Our ordering is fast and simple, and we strive to bring top quality, customized dog tags to people looking for a unique gift or way to express their devotion.

Military ID Tags for All Branches of the Military

Combat dog tags continue to use the standard T304 stainless steel material for all of the various branches of the armed forces. Today, the basic universal dog ID tag is the M1967 design. It uses embossed text, similar to the wording used on credit cards. Here are some of the possible options and ideas if you’re looking for military tags. Each branch of the military has a unique text format for their dogtags and these are all available below.

  • Army – If you’ve always wanted your very own genuine Army dog tags, we can help you choose the options that look like the real deal.
  • Navy – For those who want to get Navy dog tags, we can recreate the specific text format of this branch of the military.
  • Air Force – For Air Force enthusiasts, you can select Air Force dog tags. A few specifics when it comes to text format can help you get the right design.
  • Marines – The Marine dog tags, one of the most popular choices, can be yours when you opt for this type.

Army Dog Tags

army id tags

Order Army dog tags here

Air Force Dog Tags

air force dog tags

Order Air Force dog tags here

Marine Dog Tags

marine dog tags

Order USMC dog tags here

Navy and Navy Seal Dog Tags

navy dog tags

Order Navy Seal dog tags here

Members of the Navy or Navy Seals have to wear their dog tags in some of the most extreme conditions. While some soldiers spend their entire careers assigned to a battleship, other members of the Navy may have to be in and out of the water in the harsh elements. Your Navy dog tags come with free embossing that includes all of your basic information. Just like the real thing, the text is spread out along every other line.


Vintage Army ID Tags

If you want something a little more old fashioned, we also can design older styles of military dogtags that have been discontinued. For tags that recreate the look from wars in the past, we offer a variety of choices of old style dog tags such as those used in Vietnam, Korea, and World War II. We can recreate the older methods of stamping the dog tag, so it looks even more authentic to the time period.

Have an Extra Set Made

When you need to have an extra set of your military tags made, just in case, we can help. No matter which branch of the Armed Forces you are part of, you can count on us giving you an authentic duplicate of your standard military issued dog tags. You don’t have to worry about losing these important identification tags, if you have an extra set around.

Recreate Family Heirloom Dogtags

Many of us fathers, grandfathers, uncles and other family members who have proudly served in the military during years past. While their service may be long and over, their legacy of patriotism remains. It may have been decades since your family member was in the trenches of combat, and his or her dog tags may have been destroyed or misplaced many years ago. The good news is we can recreate these personal items. You can finally have that family heirloom back that you thought was lost forever.

Give Your Family a Personal Gift of Dog Tags

For current service members, we know your family probably often worries about your wellbeing. Being deployed far away from your family can make things lonely at times. One thing you can do to help your family have a piece of you with them at all times is to order a duplicate set of your dog tags. While you’re thousands of miles away, wearing your ID tags can comfort your family members.

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