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Frequently Asked Questions

What is on dog tags with the real military text format?

Real military dog tags generally have the text in the following order:


What is on dog tags for all military dog tags?

See: Text Formats for All Military Dog Tags

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How much is shipping and handling for my dog tags?

These USPS prices are effective Oct. 1, 2013 and may change at any time:

United States

- $3.99 for USPS First Class Mail (5-7 Days)

- $7.85 for USPS Priority Mail (2-3 Days)

- $23.85 for USPS Express Mail (1-2 Days)

- FREE for regular orders over $50.00(US ONLY-Does not apply to Bulk Dog Tag Orders)

Canada and Rest of World

- $9.55 for USPS First Class Mail (1-4 weeks)

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Can I use military dog tags as pet id tags on my pets?

Because of the size of these dog tags for dogs they may not  be suitable for some "toy" sized dogs or cats. These dog tags make great pet tags for dogs because the text is deeply embossed and will not rub off. They can be ordered on our pet tag site at: Pet-Tags-Online and come complete with a dog tag silencer in your choice of colors and a 'S'-Hook or Split Ring to attach to the collar. Silencers are not durable and may be only suitable for smaller indoor dogs.

We also sell engraved pet id tags: Pet Tags Online offers heavy duty metal pet dog tags that are anodized on all surfaces (including the edges and attachment hole), for longer life. Our dog tags for dog and cat id are 20% thicker and much stronger than those cheap imports, and every dog identification tag is shipped with an industrial grade split ring.

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What sort of information can I put on my dog tags?

We sell thousands of sets of dog tags every year and the majority of people just order dog tags with  personal identification information such as:

  • NAME

We also get many requests for bible and personal verses, medical information, love messages,  company sales promotions, identification for girl and boy scout troops, and momentos and souvenirs for special events. See Dog Tag Text Samples

Also see 'Custom Dog Tags' on the banner above to see the many types of dog tags we have available to you including Medic Alert dog tags, In Case of Emergency dog tags, Paintball and Airsoft dog tags, and many kinds of School and College dog tags.

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Can I order extra dog tag chains and silencers?

Extra hardware can be ordered with your dog tag order for the following prices:

  • Extra 24" beaded chain - $1.00
  • Extra 4 1/2" beaded chain - $.50
  • Extra Dog Tag Silencers (Set of 2) - $1.00
  • Extra 'S' hooks - $.25

Please order these at DogTagsOnline Spare Parts and Accessories

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How do I use dog tags as a fund raiser?

A popular fund raising idea is to order a large quantity of dog tags for your group to resell. You take the orders and we will  sell you the tags at wholesale bulk prices. These orders are easily ordered using our Fast-Quote system.

Further information for customizing your fund raising using these large bulk orders is available at our Bulk Order Information page.

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How long will it take for my dog tags to arrive?

When we receive an ONLINE order with  payment, the dog tags are generally made and shipped the next business day.

The tags are shipped by U.S. Mail and usually arrive within the continental U.S. in 1 week. Shipments outside of the United States can take 1-4 weeks to arrive.

MAIL orders in the US, which have the longest delay, can take a week to arrive and another week for your dog tags to be shipped back.

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