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Dog Tag Silencers for Dog Tags

Dog tag silencers are made of silicone rubber, sold in sets of 2, and are available in various colors and patterns. These military issue dog tag silencers are easy to put on and off so you can order extra silencer colors to easily change and liven up your dog ID tags.

Silicone Rubber Dog Tag Silencers

silicone rubber dog tag silencers

 $1.00 for a *Set of 2* Dog Tag Silencers in Assorted Colors
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Silencers for Dog Tags

*Set of 2*

Silencer Color


Black Silencers

A little history of silencers for dog tags

Shortly before World War Two military regulations were changed requiring the addition of a second military identification dog tag to be worn by all military servicemen.

To keep the dog tags from banging together, and possibly alerting the enemy, a method had to be devised to silence the dog tags. The first dog tag silencers are believed to have been made from rings cut from gas mask canister hose and fitted over the dog tags. This allowed to dog tags to still be read with the silencer rings installed.

Other crude methods used in the beginning include dog tag silencers handmade from surgical tube, which was installed on the edges, to adhesive tape, leather, and cloth which held the two dog tags together.

The modern dog tag silencer now used was introduced commercially and, as government military issue, during the period of the Vietnam War. Close jungle conflict required silent and stealth movement to avoid detection.

The first commercial dog tag silencers were small plastic cases which totally enclosed the dog tags. The military issue silencers for dog tags, now used by Dog Tags Online and the U.S. military are now the standard issue used in the field.

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